Destination: Disappointment City



Last stop – Disappointment City a.k.a: Legends of Tomorrow. Sadly, from the get go, this show seems like an attempt to make money vs trying to make a fun show.  I know, I know,  lots of TV shows are created to make money. But with this rage of super hero fan-dom blazing across screens big and small, this one feels more like  a pursuit for “more” instead of “better”….or good (said with a sheepish grimace).

To be honest, I didn’t really have high hopes. There is a reason these characters didn’t sustain their precarious roles on Arrow or Flash. However I am  always game to give anything “super hero” a chance and say the words “time travel” and I’m there, no questions. Even with the time travel element being the main premise of this particular series, I’m four episodes in and have yet to be “captured” and drawn in. The shaky story line is forced, my super power – the ability to suspend reality – seems temporarily on the fritz as soon as the title credits begin to roll,  and to be even more frank, basing the background on the ancient Egyptian reincarnates Hawkman and Hawkgirl is tedious.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are not my favorite superheroes. Before this series, I could have taken them or left them. But the arguing and the back and forth and the “we’re destined to be together across time” and the running from the same villain over and over for eternity seems tired and redundant.  I know it is their origin story, but to make it so much of an integral part of a series is not doing it for me.

Captain Cold is probably the best character so far. I enjoy him on Flash and he doesn’t imagesdisappoint in Legends.  But then I’m a sucker for a villain who begins to find a new path –  Silar from Heroes or Hook in Once Upon a Time…the list goes on. And there is some humor in Cold’s relationship with the Atom – Raymond Palmer.

I really liked Ray’s character on Arrow. He was fun, awkward and sweet. But Ray as a super hero??? Not buying it.  Even Barry Allen has a tougher nerve in him than Raymond.  He is just too…sweet.  There is something about him that doesn’t make me think he could make the hard  choices or be the “tough guy”.  (Yes, I know the Atom is one of DC’s creations.)

All in all – four episodes in – I am finding the ensemble incompetent, irritating and they don’t have the finesse I would want to see in a group who was trying to save the world.  The goal is to make as small a footprint as they can on each point of the time line visited – and yet, they are so destructive that they tear holes in the Pentagon and destroy anything in their radius.

Truly, I had hoped for more.  Especially since I’m a big fan of Arrow, Flash, Gotham…etcBut Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t hold a candle.

Move over Chopin. This is a whole new awakening!


Ok folks – let’s be honest, do we even have words for last Sunday’s TWD6b premiere? Because, truthfully, it has taken me this long to have the wherewithal to process through it and even write anything! THERE IS JUST SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

In the end, what really stands out (aside from the merciful death of a kid way too terrified to ever survive the zombie apocalypse to begin with) is the awakening that sweeps images-2through the characters over the course of the episode.

Sam, RIP, realizes that he just can’t escape the monsters.  When Gabriel leaves the group with Judith and Sam stays behind there is a small trace of hope that a new strength will emerge in him. But the truth is that Sam isn’t meant to go on.  He will never survive the monsters. In the end, he is swallowed by them…quite literally.

Whether it is when she is being held captive or has finally arrived at the clinic, Denise awakens to her bravery. In the first days of Rick’s group arriving in Alexandria, and into the invasion of the herd, Denise is fearful and unsure. In these moments of desperation and need she chooses what she is going to do with her fear and allows her bravery to breakthrough.

Morgan’s awakening is one we all saw coming. Sadly. He wants to live peacefully without killing, but his wolf captive forces him to revisit his Zen conversion. When Eastman finds Morgan, the man has been broken down seemingly beyond repair. But Eastman sees life in the bereaved man and pulls him back from the brink of utter destruction. Now that Morgan has found life in desolation, he is desperate to cling to it. So when he has the opportunity to save someone that others may see as beyond saving, he grasps it. The wolf could be a way for Morgan to prove that there is good in everyone and that everyone is worth saving. Unfortunately, it seems that all the captive does is reawaken the lost man Morgan and Eastman had tried to bury.

Gabriel and the original citizens of Alexandria realize that they cannot hide in the dark of uselessly beautiful homes – poor facades blocking the nastiness of the world – or they can step out into the light and fight. They realize that they can die weak and afraid, or they can brandish their weapons and strike out against the danger closing in on them. As the wave of walkers threatens to drown them all, the citizens decide they will not go quietly. Screaming and clawing their way through the melee – hatchets, machetes, Michonne’s katana, axes, and shovels push back the invading masses.

And Rick. Grown so cynical and hopeless. A shadow of the man who put on his sheriff’s uniform and rode a horse to Atlanta with the hope of finding his family. He has lost all images-1faith in anyone he could meet outside his group.  He definitely has none in the people of Alexandria.

In the finale to the first half of the season, Deanna chips away at some of Rick’s hardened shell. Her fortitude and desire to fight but to also believe that the world CAN be rebuilt, seem to give Rick a suggestion of something bright. As the people of Alexandria pour into the streets beside him, hacking down walkers left and right, he is strengthened. His arms fly with renewed vigor. Bolstered by new hope, Rick fights with his comrades until the final burning walker falls.

Beaten, bruised, bloodied, but far from defeated, Rick sits at Carl’s bedside – a familiar picture to fans. The Rick of Alexandria seems to mirror the man who sat in Hershel’s spare bedroom waiting for Carl to awaken from his first gunshot wound. He talks to Carl about his hope of a new world. How he sees what Deanna envisioned and what she desired for humanity. As he speaks, he is not unlike an earlier Rick, pleading for his son to awaken and promising that the world does not lie in complete ruin. While Morgan’s awakening is a tragic realization of the presence of darkness, Rick awakens and begins to step back into the light.

Did you notice any other “awakenings”? I would really like to know what you thought! The rest of this season is going to be incredible. Please connect with me here and let me know all your TWD thoughts!


(images: Carl and Rick:    cast fighting stance:                 Sam:

There’s still time!


In honor of February, I posted the question: what/who is your favorite fictional couple? You still have time to respond! I’m curious to see who you may choose.

Now, what’s funny about this question is that love stories are not my favorite genre.  I don’t pay to go see Rom/coms…or really even watch them for free on TV. If love blossoms between two characters in the throes of an action packed story, or amidst the stars in a foreign galaxy then I can handle it. Even so, I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen…go figure. Ok, ok, you can throw the sisters Bronte in too, I suppose.

All that said, I do have some favorite couples.  Relationships that I fell for despite my hardened heart. I will be sharing them on Valentine’s Day. I would really like to reference your favorites too!