Review Requests


Book reviews are on hold at present. I am currently devoting most of my writing time to my own fiction. 

Guidelines for Book Review Requests and Manuscript Editing

  • I accept books for review on a person by person basis in the following genres/reading levels: (Please do NOT send erotica.) 

-all age groups of these genres of fiction:


science fiction (including, but not limited to, dystopian)







graphic novel

-non-fiction is not my game, but I will check it out on an individual basis

  • I will accept most ebook formats. I will ALWAYS take a hard copy (who wouldn’t)!
  • Please try to provide some sort of sample. I will review your sample and respond, letting you know if I will be able to review your book on The Story Realm.
  • My blog is about “story” and trying to help others fall in love with it as much as me. So I will only feature books on my blog that I would recommend to others. If I do not finish a book, I won’t recommend it.
  • If, by chance, I get past the sample provided and read further, but still find that the book and I do not have that “special chemistry”, I will let you know that I had to break up with your book.
  • I’m a full-time wife, mother of 3 magical creatures and aspiring author, therefore, life happens. If it will take more than 3 months to provide a review on The Story Realm because of some unseen event, I will let you know.

I am super excited to read your work and communicate with other writers! Please email me with your book review requests and samples. You can find my email listed below, or in the sidebar. Don’t forget that I also accept manuscripts for editing. Details on Writing…SOS!!!

katiepink13 @

Upcoming Reviews (subject to change and not necessarily in this order)

Atlanta Bushnell:  Rise of the Erifs

Happy Writing!