Have you ever had one of those weeks when you feel like:



The house is a disaster, there is somewhere to be every hour of the day, the kids have realized they only have 7 weeks of school left and prematurely begin their shift back into the Wild Things…oh and you’re buying a house…and this is what you want to do:


Yeah? Me too.

But, I survived and here I am! Back to catch up with my challenge and super encouraged by all the love of the readers! Thank you!  The show must go on!









Theme: My Favorite Stories in Haiku

G is for The Giver

Lois Lowry spins one of the most beloved tales of a futuristic society. The Giver is the first book in a quartet that imagines what the world could be like if we allowed ourselves to restructure society and eliminate the things that we thought had corrupted us. Jonas grows up in one of these new cultures, one in which science and reason have become the ultimate guides to “safe” living. But someone has to hold on to the past so that it is not completely forgotten. This “burden” lies with the Giver. So as Jonas begins his apprenticeship to become the next Giver, he begins to realize that the absence of love, dreams, color and emotion is less a solution than heavy chains.

Shades of memories.

Hope is born in vivid red.

Death…is colorless.

H is for Harry Potter

Yes, it’s Harry Potter. I’m with the millions who love it. This series is fun and exciting for people of all ages.  Not only that, but it makes a person want to read! It is the classic fantasy about good vs. evil, a young boy on a quest to save the world, the bonds of love, and of course, magic! J.K. Rowling invents a world that will go down in the history books next to Middle Earth.

Some of you may be saying, “What?! Harry Potter isn’t going to be a literary classic !!!”  But I would beg to differ. Some of the very things that make a story a literary classic are true about the Harry Potter series. Only a few of which are that the stories are loved around the world, the plot throughout is intricate and well woven. The characters are well developed and diverse. Another thing that I find interesting about this series is the writing style. The books begin when Harry is 11 and end when he is 17. Throughout the course of the novels Rowling’s style and voice within the narrative represent the age of her characters, which in turn means that the books seem to age with readers as well!!! Although, to be frank, I’m not sure anyone who has read them has been able to wait that long between books…except maybe those of us who started reading before the series was completed.

He’s the boy who lived.

Marked with love and for greatness.

Finds his family.


#AtoZChallenge: F

Everyone has been so encouraging about my theme and haiku! So far the challenge has been really fun and I’m enjoying it immensely. Thank you for visiting the Story Realm!


Theme: My Favorite Stories in Haiku

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is the story of a dystopian society in which firemen start fires. The fires destroy art and books and individual thinking. Guy Montag is a fireman. His late night calls are not to save children from burning buildings.  They are to ignite pages of words that create worlds and watch them singe and curl into nothing.

Bradbury describes a society that is at once organized and comfortingly predictable, but also restrictive and divisive. Life is bland and colorless. Relationships are shallow and filled with distrust. This Orwellian world paints a picture of the consequences of censorship and oppressive government.

F is for Fahrenheit 451

They burned all the books.

Razed color, light, thought and choice.

Their souls lay in ash.


I would also recommend the action film Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. The film is an incredibly exciting adaptation of the novel for screen. It is definitely a favorite of mine.

#AtoZChallenge: E


Theme: My Favorite Stories in Haiku

In the first half of the 1800s the Bronte sisters entered the world, ever to change Victorian literature. Although their works were first published under masculine pen names, or posthumously, the girls were undeterred and sought refuge in their writing. Charlotte perhaps most of all, who continued to put pen to page after the deaths of her dear sisters.

Charlotte Bronte brought us the Victorian / Gothic classic, Jane Eyre. It is, perhaps, one of the most loved romances and the story intertwines mystery, suspense, longing and a historical view of the life of an orphaned woman. The story opens with Jane’s horrible experiences as an orphan who is shuffled from place to place. She eventually comes of age and sets out on her own to be a governess. Upon arriving at her place of employment, Jane meets the master of the house, Mr. Rochester. Secrets and mystery surround the Gothic mansion and the peculiar actions of her employer. As Jane and Rochester’s relationship grows and changes, the mysteries unfurl. For so many reasons, some mentioned above, Jane Eyre is one of my favorite stories, and that is why….

jane1E is for Eyre

plain Jane … governess

chilling secrets sequestered

he, she…found solace

I would not hesitate to recommend the most recent film adaptation of the book. Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender play their roles to perfection.


#AtoZChallenge: D


Theme: My Favorite Stories in Haiku

For D I do not have a specific story in mind. However, I look to Le Guin, Tolkien, Martin, Rowling, Paolini, Cowell, and Maas and so many others for the legends, stories, and tales of the great magical beast – the dragon.

Dragons make reading fantasy a glorious adventure. They are magical, menacing, mystical and mesmerizing. They are a terror and they are heroic. They are destructive, ageless and life giving. Dragons are portrayed throughout cultures and literature in innumerable ways. Without a doubt they are my all time favorite magical creature. My spirit animal, patronis, familiar, guide, or what have you,  a dragon. And so, without further ado, I give you:


Creatures of great lore.

Colorful scales of magic.

Wings that ride the wind.

“‘The brave men didn’t kill the dragons. The brave men rode them.'”                                                                                                                                                      – Viserys Targaryen (“Game of Thrones”)


#AtoZChallenge: C


Theme: My Favorite Stories in Haiku

Alexandre Dumas is a master of the adventure story. He creates suspense and describes action with unique flair. His talent, creative ability and style are perhaps unmatched in modern writing today. And so he penned the story of a man bent on seeking vengeance for the wrongs he suffers. With exciting sword fights and an air of mystery and intrigue, Edmond Dantes, a.k.a the Count of Monte Cristo, sets out on a journey of revenge. This story is absolutely magical in its ability to draw in the reader with a “game” of disguises and deception in what today we could only call an “Ocean’s 11” escapade!

That is why for letter C of my favorite stories I have chosen:

The Count of Monte Cristo

Betrayed. Left to die.

Life devoted to revenge.

But, “vengeance is Mine…”

#AtoZChallenge Day 2: B


Be it the fantastically done film starring the lovely Audrey Hepburn or Capote’s novella on which the film is based, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a lifetime favorite.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly

“‘Not Tiffany‘s , but almost.'”

somewhere she belongs