Welcome visitors!

Welcome to The Story Realm. I’m Katie.  I’m a writer and a story lover extraordinaire. Whether it be page or screen I passionately love story.


I get excited about characters and the journey that changes and molds them into the people they are meant to be.  I am moved by the villain who’s redemption reflects the changes by grace that we are gifted with through Christ. I am captivated by new worlds, by dragons and fairies. I know I’m not alone when I say that I love story because it allows me to escape. I have learned many things from historical and cultural fiction. I am mystified by the darkness that invades so many stories. By the characters within those stories that find the light of hope within a damaged and fallen world. Story is fun and whimsical, action packed and sometimes frightening. (And this girl will pay good money to see a well-done action movie on the big screen!) Story pervades our lives.  It fills the nooks and crannies of our homes. In our sleep, our minds muddle through the events of the day and we begin to use those elements to write our own stories in our dreams.

So, you see, story is everywhere.  This is my attempt to revel in it, savor it, dissect it, kick off my shoes, fall in and roll around in all the magical parts of it.  Please, be my guest and allow me to guide you through this realm we call Story. And don’t be shy! We all love story in different ways. Please share your thoughts. But by all means, enjoy.




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16 thoughts on “Welcome visitors!

  1. Hi Katie, just wondering if you take self published work for review? I have two books, the first has been reviewed, but I am currently promoting the second book for review because the third is on a few months away. Let me know if I can send you a copy. Thanks


  2. Katie
    You invented a knew word in your review of Tell the Wolves I’m Home. “While Greta and June’s parents have a jaded and synical attitude…” I see it as a coming together of our most negative feelings. Am I right? It is good but lacks the insightful quality of insinuendo.
    I want something from you. A book review of my first novel, The Candidate. I will send you a copy for review if you are willing. My email is below. Looking forward to my highcooo.


    • Ha! Good gracious! Nope ! Typo. Blerg. But I see you are more of an optimist than June’s “synical” parents and crediting my creativity.

      I would be very interested in looking at your work. Please email me and we can def discuss further!


  3. Hi Katie,
    I’m not seeing a link for your contact info, so hope you don’t mind if I request a book review here. Would you be interested in reading a free copy of my upcoming memoir, Confessions of a Jew-ish Skeptic, to review on your blog? The memoir follows my journey of faith from dropping out of seminary and losing my father to cancer, and my process of reconsidering what it means to be a Jewish-born Christian. If this book does not appeal to your interests, feel free to choose from my others, if you wish. I also write young adult fiction: amzn.to/1mN7NAs

    Thank you for your consideration.

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  4. Hi Katie,
    What a lovely blog you have! I wanted to see if you may be interested in reviewing a book which is an autobiography and a real story of the author’s life? From what I read about you, I think you might really enjoy this read as one definitely can relate to the author and live with his character throughout the entire story. Here is the blog in case you may be interested http://breadline-blog.blogspot.ch Thanks in advance and I understand of course if it may not tickle your fancy but wanted to give it a try! All the best, natalia


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