#AtoZChallenge: C


Theme: My Favorite Stories in Haiku

Alexandre Dumas is a master of the adventure story. He creates suspense and describes action with unique flair. His talent, creative ability and style are perhaps unmatched in modern writing today. And so he penned the story of a man bent on seeking vengeance for the wrongs he suffers. With exciting sword fights and an air of mystery and intrigue, Edmond Dantes, a.k.a the Count of Monte Cristo, sets out on a journey of revenge. This story is absolutely magical in its ability to draw in the reader with a “game” of disguises and deception in what today we could only call an “Ocean’s 11” escapade!

That is why for letter C of my favorite stories I have chosen:

The Count of Monte Cristo

Betrayed. Left to die.

Life devoted to revenge.

But, “vengeance is Mine…”

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