I Dare You to Watch

Today is the day! March 18th! The second season of the Netflix original – Daredevil – premiered today. And let me just say, it’s going to be a long night because I will be binge watching!

If you are a super hero junkie and you haven’t had the chance to catch season 1 of Marvel’s Daredevil – I highly recommend it. With this new installment to the growing Rolodex (yes, I just dated myself) of super amazing, super fun super hero TV, Marvel has upped its game.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the back story for Daredevil, Matt Murdock is a lawyer who takes up shop in Hell’s Kitchen with the desire to refurbish and clean up the streets.  As a child he was blinded in an accidental chemical spill. The chemicals stole Murdock’s sight but left him with his other senses so heightened that in his present state he sees better than he did with his eyesight. So, that’s the nutshell.

And can we all say: “Ben Affleck who???” Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock annihilates the 2003 attempt at a live action Daredevil. Cox is far more believable as a character and he pulls off the “dark” quality superbly. Which is perhaps why I’m not incredibly excited about Affleck as Batman…not a great track record in the hero department.  Let’s all just agree to pretend that the 2003 film never happened and go ahead and accept Netflix’s production as the first majorly awesome representation of the “blind” hero.

Because this hour-long drama is made for Netlix audiences, it definitely has advantages over its main stream TV counter parts. There is more blood, majorly kick-ass fight scenes, and the villains are quite a bit more ruthless in Hell’s kitchen than in Starling or Central City. Season 1’s Vincent D’Onofrio would give Malcolm Merlin nightmares. And this season, I can’t wait to hate The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal (Shane) more!

So – if you are looking for some cinema quality action and hardcore super heroism then…

I dare you to watch!


One thought on “I Dare You to Watch

  1. Was it as good as you thought it would be? I’m not a Netflix subscriber, so it’s one of the few superhero (Marvel or DC) series that I cannot watch, unfortunately. Everyone I know RAVES about the show.

    So to your comment about the 2003 film, one GOOD thing that came out of that travesty of a movie was the 2005 Jennifer Garner flick, Electra. I still, to this day, think Jennifer Garner can pull off just about ANY superheroine that she wants to play. She is one of the ultimate powerful female actresses out there. The Alias series solidified her in my “icons” of TV/Movies. I though that her take on Electra was pretty brilliant, given the dark nature of most of the Daredevil characters.

    So to quote the great Stan Lee… ’nuff said.

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