Destination: Disappointment City



Last stop – Disappointment City a.k.a: Legends of Tomorrow. Sadly, from the get go, this show seems like an attempt to make money vs trying to make a fun show.  I know, I know,  lots of TV shows are created to make money. But with this rage of super hero fan-dom blazing across screens big and small, this one feels more like  a pursuit for “more” instead of “better”….or good (said with a sheepish grimace).

To be honest, I didn’t really have high hopes. There is a reason these characters didn’t sustain their precarious roles on Arrow or Flash. However I am  always game to give anything “super hero” a chance and say the words “time travel” and I’m there, no questions. Even with the time travel element being the main premise of this particular series, I’m four episodes in and have yet to be “captured” and drawn in. The shaky story line is forced, my super power – the ability to suspend reality – seems temporarily on the fritz as soon as the title credits begin to roll,  and to be even more frank, basing the background on the ancient Egyptian reincarnates Hawkman and Hawkgirl is tedious.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are not my favorite superheroes. Before this series, I could have taken them or left them. But the arguing and the back and forth and the “we’re destined to be together across time” and the running from the same villain over and over for eternity seems tired and redundant.  I know it is their origin story, but to make it so much of an integral part of a series is not doing it for me.

Captain Cold is probably the best character so far. I enjoy him on Flash and he doesn’t imagesdisappoint in Legends.  But then I’m a sucker for a villain who begins to find a new path –  Silar from Heroes or Hook in Once Upon a Time…the list goes on. And there is some humor in Cold’s relationship with the Atom – Raymond Palmer.

I really liked Ray’s character on Arrow. He was fun, awkward and sweet. But Ray as a super hero??? Not buying it.  Even Barry Allen has a tougher nerve in him than Raymond.  He is just too…sweet.  There is something about him that doesn’t make me think he could make the hard  choices or be the “tough guy”.  (Yes, I know the Atom is one of DC’s creations.)

All in all – four episodes in – I am finding the ensemble incompetent, irritating and they don’t have the finesse I would want to see in a group who was trying to save the world.  The goal is to make as small a footprint as they can on each point of the time line visited – and yet, they are so destructive that they tear holes in the Pentagon and destroy anything in their radius.

Truly, I had hoped for more.  Especially since I’m a big fan of Arrow, Flash, Gotham…etcBut Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t hold a candle.

7 thoughts on “Destination: Disappointment City

  1. Just curious… Still with the show? I thought that some of their more recent episodes had some great character development AND they’re thinking the herd of characters (some are “no longer with us”).

    I’m not a huge fan either, but I’ve thought episodes 6-8 have been much better.


  2. I thought tonight’s episode showed decent writing chops and more cool crossover from the other DC shows (the League of Assassins and Ras al Agil was in the mix). The plot has gotten much better, and barring the episode last week, they’ve really upped the storyline in the past 4 weeks. Not pushing you to watch, but I think it’s gotten substantively better.


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