Question of the Week

Just a little update on my reading adventures for the week. I can’t get enough of the Crown and Key series! It is so action packed and that is my favorite kind of story! I love excitement and overcoming danger against all odds! The Griffiths’ characters are flawed heroes who have their own personal issues to face, while the group pushes forward together to defeat an, as yet, unknown foe. If only my little sprites didn’t have to awaken at the crack of dawn I would stay up all night and finish!

A favorite quote and taste of the humor in The Undying Legion: Crown and Key Book 2

“‘Miss Kate, are you not using silverware because I’m a werewolf?'”

“‘No, dear…We’re not using silverware because we melted it all for weapons when [the other werewolves] attacked us.'”

If you are interested, I came across a fellow blogger who posted an interview with the Griffiths when the trilogy was published. The BiblioSanctum features the interview and a detailed review of the books.


In honor of February, I thought a discussion question about romances might be fun.

What is your favorite book couple?

Why are they your favorite? We wouldn’t have story without characters! And many characters fall in love. So what makes this couple stand out to you? Can’t wait to read your choices.


One thought on “Question of the Week

  1. My favorite “couples” tend to be the non-romantic types; siblings, partners, side kick/leaders, protagonist and antagonist relationship, Rick and Daryl. But I guess for these purposes I would choose the dysfunctional coupling of The Joker and Harley Quinn. His lack interest in her, but drive to keep her strung along. And Harley’s undying crazed love and maniacal loyalty. What more could you want in a couple?!?!?

    Happy Dysfunctional Valentine’s day!!!


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